Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wine Buying Strategy

As a wine buyer myself, both for my shop and personally, I am keenly fixated on making the right choices. The best possible advice I can give for wine buying are these three ideas:

1) Buy from a merchant you trust
2) Buy by producer
3) Buy by importer

Now, let us elaborate:

1)  Buy from a merchant you trust

Of course there will be times where you find a great online deal or you buy from a big, impersonal "box store" but the majority of your purchases should come from a local merchant you trust. They may know you by name, or not, but all of them make conscientious purchases and once they get to know your palate, you will learn a lot. One of our regular customers likes to say - "since shopping at Rosso our ratio of successful wine picks has gone up dramatically." Take advantage of this.

2) Buy by producer

Once you discover a producer that you like, continue buying their wines. The best producers make the best possible wine in all conditions. Yes, vintages can matter, but if you buy by producer you will discover wines that you might not have normally tried, and learn along the way about how vintages affect wines.

3) Buy by importer

If you enjoy import wines, find out who the importer is (usually listed on the back label) and continue to buy the wines they import. If you like the style of one of their wines, you will find that they choose similar styles within their portfolio, even though the regions and producers are different. You won't be let down.

Wine buying can be a risk, at times, but that is part of the enjoyment. And as you get further versed in the best ways to achieve your goal of finding the best wines for your palate, you will find that these three ideas will matter more and more.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis

It is always a pleasure making an appearance on the Tasting Room with Tom Leykis and last night's session at their new studios in Burbank was highly enjoyable. Tom is a consummate pro and definitely enjoys the good things. I chose to bring some of my favorite current picks in the store; some of them are very limited in supply, some are perfect seasonal wines, and some represent the "best in class."

Visit the Tasting Room with Tom Leykis page to stream the radio segment: Tasting Room March 12th 2012

First up: Excellent Spring time wines
2011 Commanderie Peyrassol Rosé Côtes de Provence $17.99 France
2009 Domaine Du Bagnol Cassis Blanc $25.99 France
Next: Classic European selections
2001 Bodegas Riojanas Monte Real Rioja $34.99 Spain
2007 Cascina Roccalini Barbaresco $39.99 Italy
 Next: Small Production Artisan California wines
2010 Sandhi Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills $35.99 California
2009 Carlisle Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley $44.99 California

 Come visit us to buy any of these wines and check out our website to sign up for our free e-mail list to find out about special events, tastings and new arrivals.

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