Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goals for 2014: World Cup Year

There is some buzz in the air.
As a small business owner you can feel the ebbs and flows of your business (if you are really dialed into it). And given how 2013 progressed, there is some palpable momentum moving forward into 2014.

Like in our personal lives, businesses should set goals too. But as important as it is for a retailer to remain consistent by developing a trust and continuity, it is also important to grow, experiment and pursue new things. And in this coming year, I've set some modest goals that can be reached and also exceed, depending on the response.

1) Expand our sparkling wine picks.
Over the years I have observed other categories grow beyond where we started by simply adding more choices and exposing people to good quality for the price. This I will do with sparkling wine. So that means expect more Champagne, more Cremant from France and a few more choices in Prosecco and some Franciacorta from Italy. And that includes more opportunities to taste them at the bar.

2) Continue to build our Burgundy section.
A personal goal for me over the last 10 years has been to focus on Burgundy. I see it as one of the most alluring wine regions. But it takes some effort. I will happily make that effort so my customers don't have to. You can trust my picks. I've spent many hours doing "research."

3) Offer more food and wine events.
Everyone loves food. Well, almost everyone. And since we always get a great response for our Underground Supper Clubs and winemaker events we should do more. And we will.

4) Partner with more businesses.
We enjoy working with other businesses, whether they are restaurants or other retailers. As our area continues to develop expect to see more partnerships and events with said businesses.

5) Expand our reach.
Everyone says that but how do you do it? Well at least in the micro picture, we will continue to offer great value to being on our eNewsletter list. Get people to sign up. Make special offers. Continue to be forward-thinking with new weekly arrivals to the shop, special events and news.

To sign up for our mailing list, visit our website: and come along for the ride.

Oh, and the World Cup is this year; another great thing about 2014.