Sunday, June 6, 2010

Italian Sparklers

Of course we love French sparklers but you have to admit Italy is coming on strong in the bubbles department. They are working with unique grapes and, in some cases, producing some incredibly good quality juice. The pricing is fair and if you are willing to look hard (that is mostly our job) you can find some fantastic stuff. Here are three of our favorites, in stock this week.

2008 Dama del Rovere Brenton Durello Brut, Veneto $18.99
A unique Venetian bubbly. Pure white fruit and wildflowers show in its perfume; the mouth is lined with lime zest and lemonade, with a suggestion of flint and spice. Very energetic on the palate; the finish lingers with notes of quince and gooseberry.

NV De Conciliis Selim, Campania $19.99
Crafted from Fiano and Aglianico, two grapes indigenous to Campania, this spumante is made in the charmat method. The yellow-green Selim itself has a refreshing nose of tropical and citrus fruits, peach and apple. Intense, unusual and beautifully balanced. Selim, spelled backwards, is Miles, for Miles Davis (Bruno De Concillis is a big fan).

2007 Murgo Brut Metodo Classico, Sicily $22.99
The Murgo Brut is made from the Nerello Mascalese red grape native to the mineral-rich soils of the volcano. This is an excellent, refreshing sparkler with good complexity and verve. Since 1981, Emanuele Scammacca, Barone del Murgo, helped by sons, Michele, Pietro, and Matteo, has been modernizing both the winery and the vineyards to improve the quality of his wines, which are now considered some of the foremost in the Etna area.

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