Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Let the Wine Snobs Get to You

Wine snobs say things like "Beaujolais Nouveau is not real wine" or "the Nouveau is just a marketing scam" but I say whether or not those are partially true, they miss the point of the experience entirely. Beaujolais Nouveau, simply put, is to celebrate the new vintage, get together with friends and have an excuse to drink and eat with gusto.

Thursday, November 18th - Beaujolais Nouveau: from 5:00pm until close

Each year, wine lovers wait with anticipation for the newest vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau. We invite you to participate in one of the world's yearly rituals.

Come celebrate the new vintage and enjoy some French-inspired bites; cheeses, pates, charcuterie, cornichon and crusty bread. We will open plenty of bottles of the Louis Tete 2010 Nouveau and offer a one-night-only 10% discount on all Nouveau purchases.

$10.00 per person for plenty of wine and small bites

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