Monday, February 9, 2015

Lioco Wine and Shopping Small

It was 2006. We had just opened Rosso Wine Shop in the Fall of that year. We were starting to get our footing soon after; ordering the right wines for us. We opened with every distributor known to man (to be a useful source for our growing customer base). 

In 2007 word was starting to spread. A customer called one day and told me about this unbelievable Chardonnay from the Heintz Vineyard that she had at Spago. She said it was entirely delicious and unique. Our interest was picqued. Days later we were paid a visit by Kevin O'Connor. At the time he was Sommelier at Spago. But on the side he had started producing this wine called Lioco with partner Matt Licklider. They were on their second vintage with this wine (the first probably didn't have very much to distribute). We tasted through through the wines together and then we happily jumped on the the Lioco train.

The wines were fresh and modestly priced for their quality. The labels were tasteful (a consideration for retail) and they were a perfect fit for us. Kevin was the "boots on the ground" back then for Lioco. He has since opened his own restaurant in Santa Monica called Aestus (go visit). Matt Licklider has his own wine background as national sales director of North Berkeley Imports (prior to Lioco); which is how they met. Now I see Matt more often but the wine hasn't changed, in fact, it has only gotten better.

This is why you want to shop at a small retailer. We have "OCD for wine." We get to discover great stuff early (sometimes later too) but we foster long-going relationships with people we like to support. And when I say we taste hundreds of wines every year to select the best, you can know that we stand behind that.

Try the new Lioco wines, now in their tenth vintage!
All wines available at Rosso Wine Shop.

2013 Lioco Chardonnay Sonoma County $21.99

2012 Lioco Carignan Sativa Mendocino County $27.99

2012 Lioco Pinot Noir Laguna Sonoma Coast $37.99

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